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Ami Eden
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Polls and the peace process

WorldPublished: 26 June 2009

New polling data suggest that recent U.S.-Israeli policy disputes over settlements and Palestinian statehood have hurt the Netanyahu government’s standing in the United States and the Obama administration’s popularity in Israel.

A Jerusalem Post-sponsored Smith Research poll found that only 6 percent of Jewish Israelis believe that the Obama administration is pro-Israel — a drop from 31 percent in mid-May. It also found that 50 percent of Israeli Jews consider the Obama administration’s policies to be more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israeli, with 36 percent describing them as neutral.


Can Bibi and Obama make it work?

WorldPublished: 12 June 2009

Did you hear the latest? Bibi called Monday and said that next week he had some important things he wanted to get off his chest. Is he ready to commit or just being a tease? Will Obama show enough flexibility to make this thing work?

Those rushing to declare the fix-up between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a flop after just one date should remember that a good relationship takes time. It’s been less than five months since Obama’s inauguration, and Netanyahu has been on the job for only two months.


Rough campaign takes toll on McCain’s image

WorldPublished: 31 October 2008

NEW YORK – When John McCain stopped in New York one Tuesday last October to make his pre-primaries pitch to a room full of Jewish bigwigs, he spent virtually all his time discussing foreign policy — but only after an emotional introduction from James Tisch that focused less on policy than the character of the presidential candidate standing before them.

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