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Winston Pickett
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Miliband’s positions on Israel concern UK Jews

WorldPublished: 15 October 2010

LONDON – Less than three weeks after Ed Miliband was elected the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Jewish concerns are growing about how his views will shape the policies toward Israel of the party favored by most British Jews.

Jewish political observers are talking about a possible new reality in Labour in which Miliband, the first Jewish head of the 110-year-old party, will deviate from the solidly pro-Israel stances of former prime ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, also of Labour.


British Jews uncertain on gov’t

WorldPublished: 14 May 2010

LONDON – With Britons uncertain of how the country’s first coalition government since World War II will go about governing, the country’s Jewish community appears to be taking a wait-and-see approach to the new Conservative-Liberal Democrat government.

During the campaign, many Jews expressed alarm at Liberal Democratic positions on Israel.

Now party leader Nick Clegg, who last year called for a European arms boycott of Israel, is Britain’s deputy prime minister. And William Hague, the Conservative Party leader who during the 2006 Lebanon war called Israel’s military response to Hezbollah’s attack “disproportionate,” is the new foreign minister.

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