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Rice praises negotiations, condemns settlements

Published: 29 August 2008

JERUSALEM – Condoleezza Rice praised Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiations as “serious” and “intensive,” and condemned Israeli settlement activity.



The cost of idealism

Cover Story Published: 20 June 2008

If I get wounded, will you leave? Why are you waiting for that to happen?”

When Nitai Schreiber’s 18-year-old daughter Sheked asked him why he was waiting for her to get hurt before he moved the family away, he could tell her only that the fear of the rockets is greater than the actual danger.

“This is the dilemma of the parent and the caregiver,” Schreiber said through a translator during an interview in Sderot’s community center earlier this month. “[The children] understand their parents are idealists. Their issue is, ‘Why do we have to suffer for your values?’”



A night under threat of fire

Cover Story Published: 20 June 2008

As American Jews engaged on behalf of Israel, we frequently hear about the crisis in Sderot. We receive pleas for money from organizations that say they are helping the area’s residents protect themselves and their homes from the seemingly never-ending barrage of rockets from Gaza.

Since the rockets began raining down on the region in late 2000, fewer than a dozen people have been killed and fewer than 100 have been wounded. Because of these seemingly insignificant numbers, Sderot earns only brief mentions in mainstream Western media, compared with the more photogenic Palestinians in Gaza whose suffering is exploited by the media-savvy Hamas.


‘We try to give them the feeling this is all part of one family’

LocalPublished: 04 July 2007

Students work on lessons at Yeshiva Ohr Simcha in Englewood. Photos by josh lipowsky

Nestled in Englewood's fourth ward is Yeshiva Ohr Simcha, a boarding school that draws 14- through '0-year-olds from all over the country and Canada to its four-year high school program and three-year post-graduate beit midrash program.

"At day schools, kids come in, do their work, and then go home," said Rabbi Yosef Strassfeld, the school's principal. "When boys live here, this is their home. For all practical purposes we are their family."

Strassfeld lives across the street from the yeshiva. He and his wife, Chaya, eat Shabbat meals in the dining hall with the school's 90-plus students and take them on errands.

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