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Uriel Heilman
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Thank you, American Jews. Love, Sderot

Local | WorldPublished: 06 March 2009

For about a week, Sderot Mayor David Bouskila got a break from the rain of rockets upon his city.

It’s not that the rockets stopped falling, but Bouskila was out of town, traveling around the United States last week on a thank-you tour of American Jewish organizations that have sent money to help his beleaguered city.

As soon as Bouskila returned home, however, he was dodging rockets again.


Votes in, but real winner still uncertain

Election comes at pivotal moment in history

Cover Story Published: 13 February 2009

HERZLIYA, Israel – Hamas’ survival intact in its recent war with Israel constitutes de facto Israeli recognition of a militarized Palestinian state on Israel’s doorstep.

Israel is on a collision course with Syria, which is unlikely to sever ties with Iran. If Israel does manage to make peace with Damascus, Bashar Assad’s regime would be in danger of collapse and replacement by an even more radical regime.

Iran’s nuclear program is just a year or two away from weaponization, and even if a military strike on the country’s nuclear facilities is successful, it will only delay, not eliminate, Iran’s ability to get the bomb.


Votes in, but real winner still uncertain

Parsing the vote

Cover Story Published: 13 February 2009

In the chaos of the day after Israel’s election, the possibilities for who will lead Israel’s next government, and with what sort of coalition, seem endless.

However, if the parties are categorized by ideology, the noteworthy consequences of this election immediately become clear.


Reporting from the G.A.

Israeli candidates stump before U.S. Jews

WorldPublished: 19 November 2008

JERUSALEM — While Israel was one of only three countries in the world where polls before the U.S. presidential election showed a majority of citizens preferred John McCain over Barack Obama, the overwhelming sentiment in Israel following Obama’s election was more envious than apprehensive.

Across the ocean, Americans appeared excited by their president-elect and moved by an election considered a watershed for race relations in America. The country, it seemed, was turning a new page of history.

By contrast, Israel is entering an election campaign that seems mired in the past.


Plenty of heat but little movement as Ahmadinejad caps U.S. visit

WorldPublished: 03 October 2008

NEW YORK – With speeches, fiery rhetoric, and protestations of one sort or another, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his opponents in the United States faced off against each other during his latest visit to New York.


Jews to protest Iran at U.N.

Local | WorldPublished: 19 September 2008

NEW YORK – With hundreds of world leaders, including Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, slated to come here next week for the annual opening of the U.N. General Assembly, Jewish groups will be campaigning both privately and publicly against the Iranian regime.

The centerpiece of the public effort will be a mass protest rally Sept. 22 at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, across from the United Nations.

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